Global Water Partnership - GWP

Scaling up IWRM implementation and innovation

In 2020, it was decided to streamline the activities of GWP Southeast Asia’s (SEA) Country Water Partnerships (CWPs) to better align practical and strategic objectives with global initiatives such as the SDG 6.5.1 IWRM implementation Global Survey. Accordingly, GWP SEA and CWPs from Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam identified priority challenges and actions for an integrated approach through a process documented in Multi-stakeholder Position Papers for each country. In the Philippines and Malaysia, this process took the form of a virtual IWRM conference, whereas in Cambodia, Indonesia, and Vietnam, stakeholder workshops were held. An IWRM Multi-stakeholder Action Plan will be developed in 2022, potentially with IWRM conferences at country and regional level.

Innovation plays a key role in addressing an integrated approach to water management, so GWP SEA held a series of learning exchange forums with institutions to encourage collaboration. The first exchange forum webinar series, held on 27 May 2021, featured the work of Detektia, which uses satellite technology and artificial intelligence to set up early warning systems within water infrastructure. The second webinar, held on 19 August, showcased Zander-Agro’s magmatic water extraction technology – which can help access ‘new’ water from the Earth’s core without affecting existing aquifers. The third webinar will be delivered by Fonto de Vivo in April 2022, focusing on water provision for emergency response and remote areas. As part of the regional secretariat’s collaboration with CWPs, three or four seminars are planned annually.

Report published on IWRM progress in the Asia-Pacific region

GWP regions in the Asia-Pacific issued a report evaluating the degree of IWRM implementation (SDG 6.5.1): Progress on IWRM in the Asia-Pacific Region.