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Key results

key governance outcomes influenced by GWP activities

new local, national, and regional river basin policies, plans, and strategies

investment plans, strategies, and budget commitments

river basin agreements and management frameworks

learning exchanges

knowledge products produced to address stakeholder needs for better water management

million euros worth of investments (approximately) can be linked to GWP’s work since 2020

Our strategy emphasises WE LEARN, WE MOBILISE, WE ACT. During 2021, we developed a new GWP Toolbox, one of the world’s first free online repositories on integrated water resources management. Also, GWP was a major player in sessions at the first-ever Water Pavilion at COP26. And we wrapped up our highly successful Water ChangeMakers initiative, which included 350 entries from all over the world.

Howard Bamsey, GWP Chair

Our Annual Network Meeting highlighted the strength of our partner relationships. Titled ‘Leading Change and Innovation through our Partners’, the event was attended virtually by more than 470 participants, from 73 countries. It involved a celebration of our 25th anniversary – a milestone that would not have been possible without the support of our donors.

Darío Soto-Abril, GWP Executive Secretary

Over the past year, we have been building capacity through the GWP Strengthening Regional Operations and Network Growth (StRONG) programme. In 2021, financial support was made available to strengthen the financial and administration capacity of Country Water Partnerships (CWPs), support resource mobilisation, and encourage knowledge exchange. Regional task forces have also been set up to explore issues around partnership sustainability and institutional constraints.

Trevor Thompson, GWP Chair of Regional Chairs


As a reflection of GWP’s desire to continuously embrace technology and innovation, this year’s Annual Report is fully digital. It has been designed in a way to offer you snapshots of key achievements, stories, partnerships, and events from 2021. You can also download this two-page Executive Summary (PDF) for a quick overview. We look forward to celebrating more milestones with you in 2022!

GWP is grateful to the Partners whose financial and in-kind contributions help implement our strategy and programmes. GWP wishes to thank all those who have contributed to this Annual Report.

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