Vision, Mission and Values

The unique value of GWP lies in its capability to mobilise action on the global water crisis through a combination of social capital, shared values, credibility within the global water community, bottom-up orientation, and expertise. This ensures that the ‘voices of water’ can influence local, national, regional, and global development priorities.

Our vision is for a water secure world. 

Our mission is to advance governance and management of water resources for sustainable and equitable development. 

Our values are inclusiveness, openness, transparency, accountability, respect, gender sensitivity, and solidarity. These values are at the heart of GWP’s ambition and essential to our commitment to the poor and disadvantaged. 

The 2020-2025 Strategy 

The GWP Network’s strategy Mobilising for a Water Secure World (2020-2025) is one of urgency, reflecting the gravity and extent of the world’s water crises. GWP prioritises opportunities where key global or regional policy frameworks seek to promote systemic changes – such as the 2030 Agenda (SDGs), the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, the Sendai Agreement on Disaster Risk Reduction, and agreements shaping transboundary co-operation. 

Specifically, the following Anchor Areas are targeted 

Water solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals 

GWP supports work on the policies and investment plans that help countries resolve water-related trade-offs inherent in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)GWP stimulates ongoing awareness of the need that, to achieve the 2030 Agenda as a whole, mandated institutions must work in new ways, especially through multi-stakeholder partnerships, as highlighted in SDG 17. 

Climate resilience through water 

GWP introduces water-specific insights into national dialogues, planning, and investments associated with climate resilience-related development priorities and facilitates access to climate finance for resilience-building water projects. 

Transboundary water cooperation 

GWP works across sectors and administrative borders to identify solutions that promote sustainable transboundary water resources management, facilitating dialogue across political jurisdictions. GWP is committed to its role as a neutral convener and respected for its focus on inclusiveness and sustainability.