Global Secretariat

GWPO, the global GWP secretariat hosted by the Government of Sweden, provides overall support and coordination to the broader GWP network and also represents GWP in international processes and dialogues.

The Secretariat (see Global Secretariat Staff) supports the Executive Secretary, the Technical Committee, other GWP Committees, and the Regional Water Partnerships in governance, finance, communications, planning, and operational management of programmes and administration. It also provides Cap-Net UNDP with administrative assistance, following the announcement of a new strategic alliance in 2019.

The Secretariat manages finances and reports on funding received at global level. It also helps the Partnership exchange knowledge and resources, and ensures communication and coherence across the Network.

The Global Water Partnership Organisation (GWPO) is:

  • An intergovernmental agency hosted by the Government of Sweden.
  • Managed by the Executive Secretary reporting to the Steering Committee.
  • Accountable to the Steering Committee that directs policy and approves the work programme and budget.
  • Overseen by the Sponsoring Partners – the founding members – the ultimate decision-making body that appoints the Steering Committee.

Environmental policy

GWP’s Environmental Guidelines states that all necessary air travel should be climate compensated, and GWPO’s carbon offsetting is done by investing in selected Climate Neutral Group’s (CNG’s) sustainable energy projects.