The Geoscience & Society Summit 2019

The Geoscience and Society Summit: Bridges to Global Health, Resilience and Sustainability (GSS-2019) is an international conference with workshops that will take place from 18-21 March 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden.

As joint initiative between Geology in the Public Interest and the American Geophysical Union, GSS-2019 will explore current societal challenges facing the geosciences community, particularly those for which trans-national and cross-cultural cooperation can inform to facilitate solutions.

GSS-2019 has four themes – Energy & Minerals Sustainability, Climate Change & Ocean- and Habitat-Health, Water Resources & Agricultural Production Sustainability, and Environmental Hazards, Human Health, & Social Justice.

For additional information, please see the conference web site or contact Greg Wessel, President of Geology in the Public Interest on email: gwessel@publicgeology.org.