International Conference on Water Security through Rain Water Harvesting

A 3-day conference on water security through rain water harvesting will be held on 27-29 November in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The aim is provide a multidisciplinary platform for practitioners and professionals to discuss the innovations, trends, and concerns to enhance water security through rain water harvesting.

Collecting rainwater is an ancient, effective, and eco-friendly technique that has been utilized for household, livestock and agriculture use over 3,500 years. Today, Rainwater Harvesting is used in wet and dry countries, in poor and modern situations, for water supply and for sanitation in homes.

It is utilized in addressing agricultural productivity and food security for poverty alleviation, even in places with less than 200 mm of rain. Rainwater Harvesting is employed in flood mitigation in rain-drenched countries, and in solving infiltration problems of sealed surfaces in urban areas and industrial complexes, or in avoiding polluted water and toxic ground water. Today, some 1.3% of the world’s population uses rainwater as its main source of domestic water. In developing countries, this may be up to 2.4% of the rural population (Joint Monitoring Programme, 2017).

Full details of the conference is available on the Lanka Rain Water Harvesting Forum website.

Photo: Columbo, Sri Lanka, by MostPhotos.com