The Global Conference for Prosperity through Hydrological Services

The HydroConference seeks to create better interfaces between the providers of hydrological services and the users who need such services for a wide range of decision-making in order to generate increased benefits for society. It will be held 7-9 May in Geneva, Switzerland.

The conference aims to foster collaboration on improving the availability and use of hydrological services worldwide by:

  • Promoting collaboration for new and ongoing initiatives, including the establishment of data exchange;
  • Leveraging the knowledge and expertise of the full range of water stakeholders to coordinate efforts towards greater impact; and
  • Mobilising public and private sector leaders to leverage funding in support of key initiatives.

Some 150-250 partipants from a broad range of sectors are expected to attend. GWP is one of the Partners behind the conference and will be involved in several of the event sessions.

Full details are available on the conference homepage.