River Basin Management 2019

River Basin Management 2019 is the 10th Conference in a series which marks the growing international interest in the planning, design and management of river basin systems. The event will cover all aspects of Hydrology, Ecology, Environmental Management, Flood Plains and Wetlands. It takes place in Alicante, Spain.

The conference - organised by the Wessex Institute, and bringing together practitioners and researchers in academia and industry - will address these topics:

• Water resources management
• Flood risk management
• Ecological and environmental impact
• Erosion and sediment transport
• Hydrological modelling
• River restoration and rehabilitation
• Hydropower issues and development
• River and watershed management
• Water quality issues
• Organic contamination management
• Agricultural pollution
• Transboundary water issues
• Estuaries and deltas
• Climate change
• Water quality and health
• Socio-economic issues
• Water governance and policies
• Data acquisition, management and analysis
• Hydraulic structures
• Experimental measurements
• Rain water management
• Water energy nexus
• Ecosystem services
• Extreme hydrological phenomena
• Drought risk management
• Hydraulic modelling
• Geographical information systems
• Remote sensing in hydrology
• Water law

Full details are avaialable on the conference website.

Photo by Wessex Institute