UNESCO International Water Conference

Leveraging the intersectoral management of water resources for sustainable water security and peace, UNESCO brings together actors and partners to share innovative solutions to contemporary challenges. The International Water Conference is held 13-14 May in Paris, France.

Thanks to its experience and expertise in the fields of education, sciences, culture and communication, UNESCO contributes through holistic, sustainable approaches to resolve issues impacting the governance and management of water.

Objectives of the conference

  • Bringing everyone around the table to discuss intersectoral approaches to the governance and management of water resources.
  • Launching a Call for Action to foster, embrace, and adopt intersectoral water management.
  • Sharing good practices enabling participation, transparency and information-sharing.
  • Evidencing of the importance of interdisciplinarity and the integration of sciences to support Member States in reaching the goals of the water-related international agendas.

Full details are available on the conference website.