Online Engagement Session: Does the World Need More International Water Law?

Global Water Partnership and Wuhan International Water Law Academy are organising an online engagement session on 27 October for those who are currently enrolled – and those interested in enrolling – in the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Transboundary Freshwater Security. The topic of the session is ‘Does the world need more International Water Law?’

Please note: There are no pre-requirements to join this session, but for an enhanced learning experience, participants are encouraged to register to the MOOC prior to the event and take a look at Module 3: International Water Law, particularly its introductory lecture.

WHEN: Tuesday 27 October at 9:00 (London), 10:00 (Stockholm), 12:00 (Nairobi), 16:00 (Bangkok), 17:00 (Beijing)

WHAT: The purpose of the session is to explore the contemporary role and relevance of international law as it relates to transboundary rivers, lakes, and aquifers. How has international law evolved in this field? What is its current status? How might international law address future challenges in this area, especially considering current global challenges, such as climate variability, biodiversity loss, unsustainable practices and the COVID-19 pandemic? These are some of the important issues that an interactive panel will discuss – with a focus on taking questions from the participants and live interactions.   

HOW: Please register here

WHO: The online session will be joined by world experts and practitioners on International Water Law (click images or names for bio):

  Dinara Ziganshina   Lingjie Kong   Yumiko Yasuda bio   Alistair Rieu-Clarke   Patricia Wouters   Callist Tindimugaya   Owen McIntyre bio  

Dr. Yumiko Yasuda (Event moderator), Senior Network & Transboundary Water Cooperation Specialist, Global Water Partnership

Professor Alistair Rieu-Clarke (Panel Chair), Professor of Law, Northumbria University

Professor Patricia Wouters, Director, Academy of International Water Law, Wuhan University (CIBOS)

Dr. Dinara Ziganshina, Scientific-Information Centre ICWC

Professor Kong Lingjie, Academy of International Water Law, Wuhan University (CIBOS)

Professor Owen McIntyre, University College-Cork

Dr. Callist Tindimugaya, Commissioner, Ministry of Water and Environment, Uganda

Through the interactive panel discussion, participants are invited to quiz leading experts:

  • How might international law better support cooperative transboundary water governance?
  • What are the issues that you believe need to be addressed?
  • What are the gaps?
  • How might we devise a positive platform and relevant way forward to making international law support improved transboundary water cooperation?

The discussion forum of the MOOC platform will be used as a basis for collecting questions in advance of the panel (you need to be registered to access this)we welcome questions!


10:00-10:10  Opening and introduction

10:10-10:20  Ice breaker and participatory exercise by all participants

10:20-10:50  Panel introduction and brief comments from panelists

10:50-11:15  Interactive panel discussion

11:15-11:30  Wrap-up, observations and way forward

Background: The MOOC on Governance for Transboundary Freshwater Security was recently opened by GWP, GEF IW:Learn, and Partners. The aim is to bring together countries that share freshwater resources – giving them the skills to cooperate so that the shared resource is managed sustainably for the benefit of each country’s population. The self-paced MOOC is available on the SDG Academy platform - it is free and open to everyone - but especially designed for professionals who manage and make decisions about transboundary waters.