Virtual Workshop on Designing Legal Frameworks for Transboundary Water Cooperation

GWP is co-convenor of a Virtual Workshop on legal frameworks for transboundary water cooperation, held on 28-29 July. The UNECE-led event is tailored to support the preparation of a checklist to assist countries and/or other relevant stakeholders in the design and drafting of agreements.

The programme is structured around some key aspects related to the drafting of legal frameworks:

  1. Preliminary considerations and general provisions of an agreement or arrangement;
  2. Substantive content and procedural features, including general obligations and principles; key water management, protection, sectoral and intersectoral issues covered; and procedural provisions supporting an effective cooperation.
  3. Implementation, institutional framework and dispute settlement.

The event is open to governmental representatives, representatives of joint bodies’ secretariats, intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations promoting transboundary water cooperation, experts, and academia.

Update 28 July: the webinar capacity has been reached, so it is no longer possible to register for this event.

UNECE provides further information about the event on their website - including links to all presentations made at the workshop.

Photo: Okavango delta river in north Namibia, by mostphotos.com