Mobilising Finance for Transboundary Water – RWP and CWP Exchange

Join GWP for the online interactive session on transboundary financing which takes place on 14 October 2021 at 14:00 – 16:30 CEST. If you are interested to explore key funding ‘windows’ for transboundary water, various financing options and ‘e-meet’ new friends and colleagues in this area, this event will provide perfect learning and networking opportunities, especially for GWP colleagues from the Regional Water Partnerships (RWPs) and Country Water Partnerships (CWPs).

Transboundary water cooperation has a strong presence in the GWP Strategy 2020-2025. It aims to support more than 20 new transboundary agreements, commitments and arrangements while also supporting more than 20 transboundary institutions, in order to advance transboundary water cooperation. Due to its strengths and expertise, GWP is a fundamental facilitator and promoter of transboundary water cooperation which enables broader multi-stakeholder networks and the application of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM).

To achieve GWP’s strategic commitments and advance IWRM, sharing experiences on resource mobilisation is crucial. This event will provide a forum for discussion and exchange of hands-on knowledge between the experienced colleagues and those ones who are on the way of exploration.

The session follows the MSP workshop on Financial Resource Mobilisation, scheduled for 13 October. We highly recommend you join both sessions to maximize your learning experience.


The session on 14 October will be co-chaired and facilitated by Yumiko Yasuda and Dimitris Faloutsos who will introduce the topic and provide an overview on GWP’s approach to transboundary water management and funding windows. 

The event will have two main sections:

  1. Experienced professionals will share insights and experiences with different funding donors - Global Environmental Facility (GEF), Adaptation Fund (AF), Green Climate Fund (GCF), as well as advice on proposal development stage and how to approach bilateral donors. This part will have interpretation in French, Spanish and Russian. After the presentations, participants will have the opportunity to ask their questions directly to the speakers.
  2. In the second part of the session, RWP and CWP colleagues are invited to join breakout rooms where ‘storytellers’ from several regions will share their practical experiences of securing transboundary financing, followed by an interactive Q&A in small groups.

After this discussion, participants will have hands-on tools to explore funding pathways while also getting a deeper understanding on financing windows and how to strategize your approach vis-a-vis specific funding mechanisms.

Photo by Prosicky