Focus group: Developing a transboundary water knowledge exchange as a Community on the GWP Toolbox

The GWP Transboundary team has embarked on a journey to develop an online knowledge exchange hub, acting as a live portal for transboundary water professionals to exchange their experience and enabling peer to peer learning. Over the last year we received extensive feedback from participants of online engagement sessions and MOOC learners about a strong need to engage with the network beyond online events. The “Transboundary water knowledge exchange hub” aims to fill the gap for virtual collaboration in the transboundary community. 

The knowledge exchange hub will be hosted as a ‘Community on the GWP Toolbox – IWRM Action Hub website, which will be launched globally in March 2022 during the 9thWorld Water Forum in Dakar. The new platform provides a dedicated space for Communities to exchange and network using the conceptual and practical knowledge available in the Toolbox. This space aims to facilitate sharing of upcoming opportunities and having focused discussions on recent developments. Locating this hub on the GWP Toolbox gives the user its connection and the wealth of knowledge that exists in GWP toolbox, including tools for transboundary water cooperation, case studies, and references.Prior to the event, we invite you to explore the GWP Toolbox website via this link. 

To understand user needs and content preferences, you are invited to join a focus group discussion. The discussion will take place on Thursday, March 3,at 16.00 CET and Monday, March 7, at 9.00 CET.  

The purpose of the discussion is to better understand needs of each user group and validate assumptions about expectations and goals of future members. Participants will have an opportunity to get a glimpse ofthe knowledge exchange hub and to share their feedback about the design process. Community building cannot take place without its members so we encourage you to join us if you are interested in developing a transboundary community for water professionals from around the world.