Youth for Water and Climate Program's first-ever in person workshop

The Youth for Water and Climate Programme's first five-day in-person training will be held in Budapest from February 7-11. The first cohort of participants will learn about water and climate issues as well as receive guidance on their professional career path through a series of sessions and field trips.

About the first workshop

Twenty young water and climate professionals from Hungary, Slovakia, Belgium, France, and Sweden form the first cohort of the Youth for Water and Climate Programme that will meet for the first time in Budapest. They will then meet at a final workshop in Stockholm in August. 

Keep an eye out for more information. The segments that follow will be led by GWP:

  • YWC Journey.
  • Building a Community of Practice.
  • High level panel training.

About the Youth for Water and Climate Programme

The Youth for Water and Climate Program, led by the International Secretariat for Water, Solidarity Water Europe, cewas, Global Water Partnership, Global Water Partnership Hungary, Global Water Partnership Central and Eastern Europe, and GoodPlanet Belgium, is an eight-month capacity-building program for young professionals in the water and climate sectors.

The program includes two in-person workshops, a mentorship opportunity, support in finding an internship, a community of practice, and a comprehensive online curriculum to help youth who want to advance their professional and/or entrepreneurial skills.

This Erasmus+-funded program is aimed at young people aged 18 to 30 who live in Hungary, France, Sweden, Belgium, or Slovakia and want to develop a bankable project in their communities or work for an existing organization in the water and climate sector.