GWP CEE Integrated Drought Management Workshop

The Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute will host the workshop on 5-6 October 2012 in Bratislava, Slovakia.

The main objective is to formulate and commit to the new WMO/GWP Integrated Drought Management Programme initiative on the regional level.

The workshop will use synergies among GWP Technical Committee, GWP Central and Eastern Europe and WMO in addressing drought management from integrated point of view.

It will bring together key stakeholders from different sectors comprising meteorology, water management and agriculture to identify institutional setting for the Integrated Drought Management Programme and a roadmap for 2013–2015.

GWP CEE has developed a mapping study (Inception report) to provide a review of existing policies and strategies in the CEE region. The work also focused on identification of appropriate experts from “out-of-water” sector to contribute to the work of GWP CEE. It should be underlined that the Inception Report is based on information obtained directly from the GWP CEE Country Water Partnerships experts and it represents situations in the specific countries rather than in the entire region. The following four categories of national and regional GWP CEE initiatives are preliminary proposed for IDMP:

  • Drought preparedness measures (investment and non-investment measures, like for example drought insurance systems),
  • Enhancement (and/or development) of drought monitoring and early warning systems;
  • Development of capacity building programs for water managers and farmers;
  • Development of case studies to document good practices in application of integrated drought management as an integral part of water and land management (including transboundary basins).

The workshop participants will build on these proposals to agree on GWP CEE component of the GWP/WMO IDM Programme.