GWP Meets for Planning and Network Meeting

Staff from GWP’s 13 regions met for Regional Days in Stockholm, Sweden, on 9-12 May. The annual event is an opportunity to take stock of current and on-going matters in the network, and to plan for the year ahead. Coinciding with this, GWP’s Network Meeting was held, and broadcast live on Facebook.

2017 marks the onset of implementing a 3-year GWP Work Programme (2017-19) –  and it is also halfway through GWP’s current Strategy; Towards 2020.

The Regional Days provided a forum for operational teams to discuss implementation challenges and to have a dialogue with governance representatives about these challenges. In addition, finance, communication and knowledge management, and resource mobilisation were big topics on this year’s agenda.

Partners heard at Network Meeting

The GWP statutory Network Meeting was held in conjunction with the Regional Days. The meeting was broadcast live on Facebook, and hosted by GWP Chair Oyun Sanjaasuren and Executive Secretary Rudolph Cleveringa.

“At GWP, we realise that all our work now has to be focused on alignment towards SDG implementation. Agenda 2030 is very comprehensive, but the challenges we face globally are very complex and therefore the plan must be comprehensive. The nature of the agenda also demands a completely new approach to how we do things, we need an integrated and holistic approach," said Dr. Sanjaasuren in her address.

Leading up to the event, GWP had asked its Partners two questions:

  1. How can GWP best help your country attain the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?
  2. How can GWP be the best platform to share good experiences of water management?

Several GWP Partners had the opportunity to answer in person at the Network Meeting, and others commented through email or social media. 

Participating in the meeting via Skype was Mukta Akter, Youth Focal Point for GWP South Asia and Executive Secretary for Bangladesh Water Partnership. She suggested that GWP could identify water champions for attaining the SDG goals.

“GWP can also help to establish and promote more youth organisations, especially in the most vulnerable areas for water, food security, climate change impact and youth empowerment to address SDGs in water, climate and gender issues,” said Mukta Akter.

The recording of the Network Meeting remains available on Facebook, and we welcome further input into the discussion on what GWP can do to better meet the needs of its Partners.