New Tutorials for IWRM ToolBox

The IWRM ToolBox is an online database about integrated water resources management (IWRM). With the launch of the new GWP website in March, the ToolBox became an integrated part of the website (“LEARN”). We present new tutorials to assist both new and returning visitors.

We have new video tutorials that will talk you through the different uses:

An overview of the ToolBox – this explains the background of the ToolBox, its purpose and who it is for. It highlights the different tools available, and gives examples of case studies and their uses. This tutorial is around 8’30” minutes long – a shorter version is also available, 3’40” minutes long.

There is also another short version – just over 3 minutes long – that explains how to use the IWRM ToolBox, and finally, a 5-minute-long video tutorial that explains what the case studies are, and how you can contribute. There is also an updated, detailed document to go with this, containing guidelines for potential case study writers.

In addition to the tutorials, we are launching an informative IWRM ToolBox Teaching Manual aimed for lecturers and trainers of all water-related disciplines.

We hope that these tutorials and guides will help all users of the IWRM ToolBox, if you have more questions you are welcome to contact us by email