Rainwater Harvesting in Valle de Jiboa, El Salvador

To contribute to water security in the communities of Valle de Jiboa, El Salvador, where communities face water scarcity, the Association of Municipalities (MIJIBOA) and the Women's Network of Valle del Jiboa, in partnership with the National Foundation for Development (FUNDE), GWP Central America and Mexichem, installed 7 rainwater harvesting (RWH) systems between February to September 2017. The initiative had a gender focus, as the women of the area were an active part of the implementation of the project.

The RWH systems are a viable alternative to ensure water availability and to use water more efficiently in the context of climate variability. RWH is a simple and economical method for the collection and storage of rainwater, which can be used for human consumption (with the use of filters) and for the installation of micro irrigation systems for family gardens.

This project was implemented after GWP Central America held a workshop with women leaders of the region for the installation and maintenance of SCALL in April 2016. One of the participants of this workshop was the Mayoress of the Municipality of Jerusalem, who supported the replica of the workshop to benefit her community and the surrounding municipalities. A pilot project with the geomembrane bag technology was also installed at the end of 2016.

The 7 RWH systems were installed in communities of the municipalities of Jerusalem, Verapaz, Tepetitán, Apastepeque, San Sebastián, San Vicente and San Lorenzo in El Salvador, with a population of 1,226 people (57.34% women). The systems are benefiting 100 families in the mentioned communities.