GWP Provides Expertise to WMO HydroConference

GWP co-organised the recent World Meteorological Organization (WMO) HydroConference – the Global Conference for Prosperity through Hydrological Services – in Geneva, Switzerland. The event set out to create better interfaces between the providers of hydrological services and the users who need such services for a wide range of decision-making.

The conference highlighted initiatives in the hydrological value chain, which starts with measuring physical variables in the field and ends with delivering products that are tailored to the information requirement of final users. 

GWP provided its expertise in engaging stakeholders at the local, national, and regional level through its country and regional water partnerships as well as its expertise on drought and flood management through its joint programmes IDMP and APFM with WMO.

In a conference statement, the 219 delegates from 85 countries and 34 organisations highlighted that sustainability of water resources and reduction of disaster risk can only be achieved by addressing the full value chain, from data collection to the production of efficient hydrological services that allow informed decision and policy-making.

GWP was represented at the conference by staff from GWP Central Africa, GWP Eastern Africa, GWP Mediterranean, the global GWP secretariat, as well as some GWP Partners.

A video summary of the conference:

Connecting meetings

In connection to the HydroConference, GWP Technical Committee Chair Jerry D. Priscoli and Senior Programme and Network Officer Frederik Pischke represented GWP at the meeting of the High-level Experts and Leaders Panel on Water and Disasters (HELP) in Geneva 3-4 May.

This was an opportunity to strengthen this strategic partnership and connect the many things GWP does that are related to the work of the Panel, exploring how GWP can add value through its multi-stakeholder partnerships on drought and flood management, climate change adaptation, investment planning, water-climate risk insurance, water sharing and consultations/ground truthing.