Increasing the Impact of GWP’s Knowledge Resources

GWP is evaluating the role of knowledge within its Technical Committee (TEC). Selected forward thinkers and headquarter staff gathered for a 2-day collaborative workshop in Athens, Greece, on 4-5 September, to explore how GWP can access and apply the knowledge of the network. The big question was: How can we increase impact as well as stakeholder and user benefit? Ahead of the workshop, TEC Chair Jerome Delli Priscoli shared his thoughts on where TEC is going.

"The world is changing, and we are changing with it. GWP has created a large network and it is focusing in new areas, also in activating the network; helping the partnership to collaborate more effectively on advocating water resources management. The TEC will be changing in parallel to the strategic changes of GWP. It means that we're inviting as many people as we can, in country and regional partnerships – in as many ways as possible – both to recommend ideas and share experiences, so that we can get that knowledge and bring it to the world," said Dr. Priscoli. 

At the meeting in Athens, the following topics were discussed:

  • the current role of knowledge for GWP
  • formats for ensuring knowledge-driven processes
  • guidance towards GWP’s level of ambition for the period between 2020 and 2025 and beyond
  • specific guidance and inputs regarding the proposed GWP strategy thrusts (the “What” in the GWP strategy)
  • specific guidance and inputs regarding the future of GWP’s “Knowledge Arm” (identify initiatives and/or project ideas to pilot the strategy) 

From this process, GWP wanted to learn how knowledge can be managed more effectively throughout the organisation and how to impact the global and local development. The workshop resulted in strategic recommendations and prototypes for the Global Water Partnership to consider in building its strategy 2020-2025.

The full interview with Dr. Priscoli (about 4 minutes) is available below: