Mina Guli on 100 Marathons, 100 Days, 1 Reason: Water

Mina Guli is CEO of Thirst and a member of the GWP Steering Committee. In November she will embark on a mission to complete 100 marathons in 100 days – with the single goal of raising awareness around the global water crisis. In a Facebook Live interview from 15 June, she describes her motivation to work for a water secure world, and how she hopes to engage people all around the world in her campaign #RunningDry.

“With a vast and rapidly growing educational programme in China, we at Thirst realized that we needed more than the youth of one country to change the way we use and consume water. That to avert the 40% imbalance between water supply and demand that is predicted for 2030, we needed to mobilise the power of a global community. We decided the fastest way to do this was to create a project that would capture the imagination of people and media around the world, and to use the voices of others to leverage and spread our messages,” says Guli.

This is how the #Run4Water Project was started in 2016. Under this project, Guli has already completed two successful marathon campaigns, where she has run across several continents to highlight water stories from around the globe. On 22 March, World Water Day 2018, Guli announced her third and most ambitious running campaign, #RunningDry, where she will run 100 marathons in 100 days in some of the most water scarce places on the planet.

In this Facebook Live interview, she tells her story and explains how she hopes to inspire people, companies and organisations to join together to act to solve the global water crisis.