GWP Strengthens Relationship with South American Sponsoring Partners

“Water resources management is a learning process”, said GWP Executive Secretary Monika Weber-Fahr while on a visit to South America. She spent 26-29 March meeting with representatives of the key water agencies of Argentina and Chile. Both countries are Sponsoring Partners of GWP, and Weber-Fahr’s visits strengthened a close working relationship with the countries.

GWP’s Sponsoring Partners are the states and international organisations that signed a Memorandum of Understanding establishing the Global Water Partnership Organisation (GWPO) in 2002. GWPO is the intergovernmental organisation which is the legal representative of the GWP Network. The Sponsoring Partners appoint the Chair, members of the Steering Committee, and the Auditor.

Alejandra Mujica, Regional Coordinator of GWP South America, accompanied  Weber-Fahr on her visits, providing a vision from the region: "The visits were very interesting, given that important efforts were made to advance International Water Resources Management (IWRM), both in Argentina and Chile. Likewise, it was verified that GWP as an organisation and as a network has a lot of space in which to continue building synergies, bringing together relevant actors from the world of water and climate change, and collaborating in fruitful dialogues".

Speaking in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Weber-Fahr complimented the efforts made by the Argentinian government in managing the country’s water resources.

“I was very impressed to see the many good efforts on water management that are being done in Argentina. There’s an excellent water management plan, and I was delighted to see that the government now wants to look at what has been achieved – to take a moment and stop. Water resources management is a learning process,” said Weber-Fahr in a Twitter video posted by Pablo Bereciartua, Argentina’s Secretary of Infrastructure and Water Policy.

COP25 - a fantastic opportunity

In Chile, this year's UNFCCC climate change meeting, COP25 was on the discussion agenda, since the event it set to take place in Santiago in December.

"Chile is not doing very well on IWRM, or at least it was very modest when rating it's own progress on SDG 6.5.1. But there are a lot of people now wanting to take the opportunities afforded to them by the environment;  the political environment and in particular by the international development to take forward the agenda on water. The COP, the big climate change meeting that will take place in December here in Chile, is a fantastic opportunity for everybody who cares for water to come together and to make a statement, to show how managing water is part of managing climate change."

Watch her full statement in Chile here: