GWP Supports Zambia in USD 2 Million Grant for its National Adaptation Plan

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) has awarded the Government of Zambia a grant of USD 2,184,555 for the development of a National Adaptation Plan (NAP) for Climate Resilience.

Speaking on behalf of Jean Kapata, Zambia’s Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, the Permanent Secretary Mr. Ndashe L. Yumba, conveyed the Government of Zambia’s gratitude to the Green Climate Fund. In addition, the minister commended Global Water Partnership (GWP) for its support and technical assistance to the Zambian government that led to the GCF grant. 

GWP Southern Africa Executive Secretary and Global Head for Climate Resilience, Alex Simalabwi, said, “The funding is great news for the country. It comes at a time when Zambia is experiencing unpreceded climate risks with droughts having recently devastated parts of the country while more recently, floods are destroying roads, bridges, and public infrastructure in the midst of an unprecedented global COVID-19 crisis.” He added that the funding will also assist Zambia to develop a resource mobilisation strategy to mobilise the $50 billion required to implement the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC), and contribute to a low carbon and climate resilient economy by 2030. 

GWP has been appointed by GCF as a Delivery Partner of countries to access the GCF Readiness and Preparatory Support Programme. GWP is working on nine other GCF Readiness proposals with countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, with several in advanced stages of discussion.

GWP Executive Secretary Monika Weber-Fahr said, “I commend the Government of Zambia and the GWP climate team for the collaboration that resulted in the approval of this proposal. Zambia's consideration of climate resilience action is going to be critical going forward and could even help shape the way out of the economic calamities that the current global health crisis is bringing.” Weber-Fahr added that water-proofing Zambia’s climate resilience path is not only strategic but also a smart way of creating integration across multiple action areas.

The GCF Grant for the Zambia NAP process is part of the GCF Readiness and Preparatory Support Programme (the Readiness Programme), which supports country-driven initiatives to strengthen institutional capacities, governance mechanisms, and planning and programming frameworks towards a transformational long-term climate action agenda.

The preparation of this project required an effective collaboration between the Ministry of National Development Planning (the National Designated Authority for the GCF), the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources (the Focal Point for Climate), and the GWP (the Delivery Partner).

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