Water ChangeMaker Awards: Attracts over 350 Change Journeys

Over 350 individuals and groups from over 80 countries submitted their personal experience of having influenced water decisions to build climate resilience by the Water ChangeMaker Awards deadline, June 14. Thank you to all the ChangeMakers who shared their stories and to the ChangeMaker Partners who helped mobilise and spread the word. We now enter the next phase of the Awards: the screening and the judging.

The Water ChangeMaker Awards was launched at an extraordinary time, coinciding with the world facing a global health crisis. Although many extra urgent actions were needed, essential ones remained – among these the need to keep focus on how we use and safeguard our water.  

The aim of the Awards is to make visible the teams and organisations who shape water decisions that build climate resilience – and to create and support a community of ChangeMakers who  contribute and learn from each other in shaping the lessons learned about how to make positive change happen. The initiative is designed to make sure that everybody will benefit from opportunities to Connect, to Collaborate, and to Celebrate. 

We are glad to share not only the number but also the geographical footprint of the ChangeMaker initiative:  Change journeys from more than 80 countries were submitted (see geographical spread below - click the images to enlarge them) by teams and organisations that also come from over 80 countries.

Map of Water ChangeMaker Awards contributions    Map of Water ChangeMaker Awards submission countries

Next steps

  • Who made it through the Eligibility Screening for Water ChangeMakers: at the end of June, you can find, on the ChangeMaker website, who made it through the eligibility screening. 
  • Invitation to all Water ChangeMakers to join the Water ChangeMakers Community – a vibrant space where they will exchange, inspire, and learn from each other.
  • Who made it to the “Semi-Finals”: the assessment of the journeys will involve a 2-stage jury process, initially involving an international independent expert jury, and, to determine the finalists, a group of leaders in water management and climate resilience. In July and August, the first round jury will meet and identify the semi-finalists. 
  • Who will make it into the “Finals”: semi-finalists will be asked to share more information about their change journey, after which point the second round jury will review the adjusted submissions and determine the finalists. Finalists’ experiences will be featured in GWP’s online ToolBox, and they will be able to explore collaboration with other thought leaders from across the globe. 

Do you have more questions? Please contact us on waterchangemakers@gwp.org