Invitation to Participate in Survey on Youth in Transboundary Water Processes

Update 26 July 2021: Please note that the submission deadline for this survey was 25 July 2021. Many thanks to everyone who participated, we greatly appreciate your input!

GWP’s transboundary and youth units have teamed up to find out what roles young people can play to advance transboundary water cooperation, and what avenues and activities can be used to strengthen youth engagement. This fact-finding mission is done through a survey, which is now open to the public. The deadline to participate is 25 July 2021.

Youth engagement is one of the crosscutting priorities of the GWP network and it is integrated in GWP's work programmes and governing bodies. From building technical capacity to facilitating youth participation in water management processes, GWP acts to amplify youth voices and facilitate their incorporation in the water sector and beyond. The foundation for this work is laid out in the GWP Youth Engagement Strategy, which was launched in 2015 and has since been implemented across a wide variety of activities.

This includes youth engagement in transboundary water processes, such as cooperation and diplomacy. This survey is the next step in exploring avenues to enhance youth engagement in this area. It aims to gain a deeper understanding around two main questions: 

  1. How can young people from across the globe contribute to transboundary water processes – and what roles can they play?
  2. How can GWP as an organisation elevate youth participation in transboundary water processes?

The survey has been shared with River Basin Organisations (RBOs) for their input and is being extended to young professionals working in water-related jobs worldwide.

To participate, use this link – and note that the survey refers to youth as people aged between 20-35. The deadline for submissions is 25 July 2021.

Photo: GWP Central and Eastern Europe Summer School 2019 - "When the stakes are high: Water engineering and global diplomacy for sustainable cities"