Water Management Strategy in Three Basins of Southern Honduras

GWP is coordinating the formulation of a Water Resources Strategy and Action Plan for the Nacaome, Choluteca and Sampile river basins in the Gulf of Fonseca region in Honduras. The Strategy was validated in a series of workshops in December and January and is expected to be finalized during the month of March 2021.

The Water Resources Strategy is part of the "Territorial Water Governance Program in Region 13 Gulf of Fonseca (PGHTR13GF)" - funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and implemented by the consortium of GFA Consulting Group, International Development Enterprises (iDE) and Ecopsis SA, in coordination with key national stakeholders.

The Water Resources Strategy responds to the needs and potential of a region which has a high degree of socioeconomic and environmental vulnerability, is affected by extreme events related to water and the impacts of climate change, continued watershed degradation, and weak regional governance. Its objective is to contribute to water security in said region, and to train local actors committed to water governance, with institutional and organisational capacities that efficiently manage and integrate the use of natural resources, especially water, without compromising ecosystems and in harmony with social and economic sectors for the integral development of their territory.

Guidelines for the Strategy were identified through participatory consultation processes, supported by technical processes of basin characterization, through virtual and face-to-face workshops carried out with the participation of public-private actors integrated in the Regional Development Council, the Operative Committee of the PGHTR13GF, the Basin Councils and the anti-drought Committees of the Region.