Transboundary water knowledge community launched

GWP Executive Secretary Dario Soto Abril announced the official launch of the “Transboundary water knowledge exchange hub” during the GWP Network Meeting on 25 May 2022.

The GWP transboundary team developed an online knowledge exchange hub to be a live portal for transboundary water professionals to exchange their experience and enable peer to peer learning. Over the last year the team received extensive feedback from participants in theonline engagement sessions and in the Transboundary MOOC about the need to engage with the network beyond online events. The Transboundary water knowledge exchange hubwill fill the existing gap for virtual collaboration in the transboundary community. 

The Hub has been developed in close collaboration with our partners, supporting various content streams and providing thematic support to boost discussions and learning exchanges within the community. Our key partners include UNESCO-IHP, IGRAC, INBO, UNU-CRIS, OSU, IHE-Delft.  

On the occasion ofthe community launch our partners have shared their welcome messages for community members and underlined the important role the Hub will play in knowledge exchanges.

You can join the Transboundary water knowledge exchange hub here: Transboundary water knowledge exchange hub ( 

The first event being organised with thetransboundary community is on June 15. Organised jointly with the United Nations University, the online interactive session explores multi-level governance in the transboundary water context with a particular focus on disaster management, such as flood management.Register via this LINK. 

Read more: Multi-level Governance for Transboundary Water, Climate, and Disaster Management and Risk Governance (