Drought in Armenia – community of practice as a step towards integrated drought management

One exciting function of the IWRM Action Hub is hosting different communities of practice that allow water experts to exchange, debate, learn, and share knowledge on water challenges. But do you know which is currently our fastest growing community?

It may or may not surprise you that the answer is our very first bi-lingual community which is focused on drought management challenges in Armenia – or as the locals would call it, the Երաշտի կառավարման հայկական համայնք.

More than 40 experts participated in the online community launch event on 21 April, where the community of practice’s aims, functionality, and future activities were presented, supported with concrete inputs on different drought aspects.

The objective of the community is ambitious – to become the central hub for integrated drought management in Armenia, where stakeholders can learn from each other and find all relevant drought information.

To achieve this, the Community will organise a set of webinars and exchanges related to three main pillars of drought management as defined by the Integrated Drought Management Programme: monitoring and early warning systems; mitigation, preparedness and response; vulnerability and impact assessment. In addition, a monthly drought bulletin will be sent out.

The response so far has been excellent and proved the need to establish such a community. It has only been accessible since early April 2023 and has already attracted more than 50 members, mainly from Armenia. We look forward to the coming months when several activities will be organised. We hope and believe we will make the necessary steps toward integrated drought management together. 

The community was designed in the Visegrad fund project framework with the Global Water Partnership team (GWPO, Country Water Partnership Armenia, and GWP Central & Eastern Europe as the lead partner) to facilitate knowledge exchange among drought experts across the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia with actors in Armenia.

Want to learn more and follow the next steps? Join the community