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GWP appoints new Chair

The Global Water Partnership’s (GWP) Sponsoring Partners have selected Mr. Pablo Bereciartua, President of the Argentinean Engineering Centre (Centro Argentino de Ingenieros – CAI), as Chair of GWP. The appointment is effective July 1, 2022. Bereciartua currently serves as a member of the GWP Steering Committee.
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GWP brings IWRM and climate change to Dushanbe Conference

“Integrated water resources management says it all. We have to talk about the inter-dependencies of water. Water is life, we say, and it really connects to everything … If water is connected to everything, we have to act on that, but we shy away from the real understanding of what water means … either because of its complexity … or because it is connected to past practices and vested interests.”
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Transboundary water knowledge community launched

GWP Executive Secretary Dario Soto Abril announced the official launch of the “Transboundary water knowledge exchange hub” during the GWP Network Meeting on 25 May 2022.
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Water alignment proposed as a central driver for development at Stockholm+50

At the U.N.’s Stockholm+50 Conference, GWP and partners explored how the concept of water alignment can enable transformation across stakeholders and sectors, strategies, political leadership, finance, and action, with water as a central driver for sustainable development and climate resilience.
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GWP Network Meeting 2022: boosting innovation towards a water secure world

As the world faces the challenges of climate change, population growth, and urbanisation, GWP’s 2022 Network Meeting of Partners centred around the question, 'how can we push innovation in water?' “You will get some ideas from us, but what is more important is the voice from our Partners,” said GWP’s Executive Secretary and CEO Darío Soto-Abril, as more than 320 participants joined from 95 countries.
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Asia Pacific Water Summit highlights importance of gender equality in water sector

Water governance must embrace gender equality and social inclusion if it is to truly contribute to poverty reduction as the world closes in on 2030, the world’s deadline for meeting the ambitious Sustainable Development Goals. Only by integrating gender and poverty issues into scientific research that informs and finances more equitable and inclusive policies, can we hope to move closer to these important goals.
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Accelerating action on water at the Asia Pacific Water Summit

“The foundation of the prosperity of nations and regions is water,” observed Yoshirō Mori, former Prime Minister of Japan, on the opening day of the 2022 Asia Pacific Water Summit (APWS), held in the ‘Groundwater Conservation City’ of Kumamoto from 23-24 April.