GWP Contributes to Recommendations for Water Goal

In 2013 UN-Water initiated an expert consultation process where UN-Water’s 31 UN-members and 36 international Partners, including GWP, came together to analyze what role water could have in the Post-2015 Development Agenda. The result is a joint paper with technical advice.

The consultation process was based on the common vision that a broad water goal would capture the fundamental importance of water for both humans and the environment.

The proposed goal builds on existing commitments such as the Millennium Development Goals and the priorities agreed at Rio+20.  The goal sets up a framework that is universally applicable, but that also responds to national circumstances.

GWP’s input into the paper was based on a series of 22 country consultations that GWP facilitated in 2013. Starting 18 February 2014, a second series of consultations will be conducted by GWP and can inform the Open Working Group (OWG) process in 2014. A report from the OWG is due in September 2014.

Photo: Screen capture of UN-Water's web announcement of the technical advice paper.