GWP Signs Agreement on Engaging Francophone Youth in Water and Climate Change

In December this year, the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) will take place in Paris. Governments are supposed to come to a universal agreement regarding climate which will determine the future of our planet.

In the lead-up to COP21, GWP and the Office Franco-Québécois pour la Jeunesse (OFQJ) have joined forces to mobilize francophone youth around water and how to adapt to climate change.

On Monday 27 April, GWP’s Acting Executive Secretary Mr Rudolph Cleveringa and the Secretary General of OFQJ, Mr Pascal Bonnetain, formalised this partnership in the presence of the French Minister of Urban Affairs Youth and Sport, Mr Patrick Kanner, who is also co-chairman of OFQJ, and a strong believer in involving youth in public policy for sustainable development. 

Supported by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the project "La jeunesse francophone pour l’eau" (The Francophone Youth for Water) will allow young water experts from nine countries on four continents to take part in national consultations, organised by GWP Country Water Partnerships. The consultations will be about the role of youth in the management of water resources for food security in the face of climate change. This will lead to a youth-led white paper on this topic that will be presented to decision-makers at COP21. 

To achieve these objectives, GWP and OFQJ are also working with the International Organization of the Francophonie, the International Water Secretariat (SIE) and the French Water Partnership. The first stage of the project was launched on 13 April 2015 at the 7th World Water Forum in South Korea.


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