GWP Gambia launched

The Gambia officially launched a new Country Water Partnership (CWP) in 2011, joining the other 12 West African CWPs that have been formed since the beginning of GWP's activities in West Africa. Now, all countries in the region except Liberia and Sierra Leone have set up a CWP.

As GWP West Africa Chair, Hon. Hama Arba Diallo, said during the official launch of GWP Gambia, "this is the culmination of a process that started some time ago in 2009 during the development process of the IWRM roadmap". ECOWAS has 15 member states and 13 have formally established a CWP. CWPs work actively alongside government to achieve the GWP vision at country level. The challenge that remains is to keep CWPs active and enthusiastic in their promotion of water governance – relying on the voluntary work of most of the people involved.