WACDEP Supports NAPs Regional Training Workshop for African LDCs

GWP contributed to three regional training workshops in Ethiopia for Anglophone and Francophone African Least Developed Countries (LDCs) to advance their National Adaptation Plans (NAPs) through the NAP Global Support Programme (GSP).

The workshops covered Economics of Adaptation, Water Security and Climate Resilience (ECCA), and Early Warning System of the African Union (AU) and the African Ministries Council on Water (AMCOW). Around 150 participants attended the workshop though the Water, Climate and Development Programme (WACDEP).

The workshops were part of a series of on-going activities aimed at supporting LDCs to address the adverse impacts of climate change through medium and longer-term National Adaptation Plans (NAPs).

The aim is to facilitate regional exchange and to provide policy makers and technical officers with technical support in the form of guidance on existing tools and guiding materials. Furthermore, the workshops are to create synergies with ongoing initiatives, and give support on how to access climate finance for the NAP process.

The regional workshop on ECCA aimed at training participants on how to apply analytical economic techniques to carry out economic assessments at the sector level and to appraise adaptation options, under the implementation of the WACDEP Capacity Development Initiative.

The role of the GWP participants in Ethiopia was to present work that is carried out on accessing climate finance, to conducting economic cost-benefit analysis and to apply analytical microeconomic techniques, moderate sessions and participate in panel discussions.

Photo: The workshops were held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.