Global Secretariat Staff

Staff members of the Global Water Partnership Secretariat are listed below.

Monika Weber-Fahr
Executive Secretary

 Bio of the Executive Secretary


Peter Repinski

Peter Repinski
Chief Operations Officer & Deputy Executive Secretary
email: peter.repinski[at]



Helena Gunnmo-LindHelena Gunnmo-Lind
Executive Assistant
e-mail: helena.gunnmo-lind[at]



Eva Blassar

Eva Blässar
Writer & Media Specialist
e-mail: eva.blassar[at]



Francois BrikkeFrançois Brikké
Senior Network Specialist
e-mail: francois.brikke[at]

Regions: Mediterranean, Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Caucasus
Theme: Urban

Erla Gjinishi
Proposal Writer
e-mail: erla.gjinishi[at]



Rianna Gonzales

Rianna Gonzales
Youth Engagement Specialist
email: rianna.gonzales[at]



Ruby CoquillaRuby Coquilla
Finance and Administrative Associate
e-mail: ruby.coquilla[at]



Steven DowneySteven Downey
Chief Communications Specialist
e-mail: steven.downey[at]



Monika EricsonMonika Ericson
Senior Communications Specialist
e-mail: monika.ericson[at]



Jacqueline Gogo 
HR & Administration Associate
e-mail: jacqueline.gogo[at]



Colin Herron

Colin Herron
Senior Water Resources Management Specialist
email: colin.herron[at]



Anjali Lohani
Programme Specialist for Climate & Water Resources Management
e-mail: anjali.lohani[at]



Karla Maradiaga

Karla Maradiaga
Senior Administrative Services Assistant
e-mail: karla.maradiaga[at]



Rami Narte

Rami Narte
Senior Private Sector Engagement Specialist
e-mail: rami.narte[at]



Sara OppenheimerSara Oppenheimer
Programme Specialist
e-mail: sara.oppenheimer[at]

Regions: Caribbean, Central America and South America


Ralph PhillipsRalph Philip
Acting Chief Operations Officer, Senior Specialist - Monitoring and Evaluation
e-mail: ralph.philip[at]



Frederik PischkeFrederik Pischke
Senior Network  Specialist - International Climate/Hydrology
e-mail: frederik.pischke[at]

Regions: Eastern Africa, Southern Africa
Themes: Flood & Drought


Jacques Rey

Jacques Rey
Advisor (25%)
e-mail: jacques.rey[at]



Salman RiazSalman Riaz
Financial Specialist
e-mail: salman.riaz[at]



Molly RobbinsMolly Robbins
Strategy and Partnership Specialist
e-mail: molly.robbins[at]



Patricio G. Roulier Pazos

Patricio G. Roulier Pazos
Communications Assistant
e-mail: patricio.pazos[at]



Julienne Roux
Senior Network Specialist
e-mail: julienne.roux[at]

Regions: Central Africa, West Africa
Themes: Nexus food-energy-ecosystems


Siri SaeedSiri Saeed
Administrative Assistant
e-mail: siri.saeed[at]



Catharina Salander-TegnanderCatharina Sahlin-Tegnander
Chief Financial Officer
e-mail: catharina.sahlin-tegnander[at]



Ranu Sinha

Ranu Sinha
Senior Water Resources Management Specialist
e-mail: ranu.sinha[at]



Yumiko YasudaYumiko Yasuda

Senior Network Specialist
e-mail: yumiko.yasuda[at]

Regions: China, South Asia, Southeast Asia
Theme: Transboundary