Bulgarian National Consultation Dialogue on SDG 6

Global Water Partnership Bulgaria in cooperation with the Scientific-Technical Union of Water Affairs and the Ministry for Environment and Water in Bulgaria organise a National Consultation Dialogue on the SDGs on 15 March in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The goal of the consultation workshop is to discuss and validate Country Questionnaire for Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) indicator 6.5.1 among a wide range of stakeholders. The SDG 6.5.1 indicator deals with a degree of integrated water resources management implementation.

The workshop is a part of the global implementation of SDG 6 monitoring – the 2017 baseline process. Slovakia, among other UN pilot countries, has been involved in the baseline process, coordinated by the UN-Water in 2017.

The workshop has been supported by the UNEP-DHI that supports countries in monitoring and reporting on SDG 6, including target 6.5.

The goal of the 6.5 target is to implement integrated water resources management at all levels, including through transboundary cooperation by 2030. The target supports the equitable and efficient use of water resources, which is essential for social and economic development, as well as environmental sustainability.

Registrations  and answers to the questionairre are to be sent at bwp@dir.bg, ntsvd@abv.bg, and bwa.sofia@gmail.com by 10 March 2018.

Invitation (in Bulgarian).