Danube Drought Conference

The Danube Drought Conference will take place on 7-8 May 2019 in Vienna, Austria.

The Danube Drought Conference will build on the results of the Drought Risk in the Danube region (DriDanube) project and the activities run by the Drought Management Centre for Southeastern Europe and the Integrated Drought Management Programme in Central and Eastern Europe

Danube Drought Conference is a great opportunity to remind ourselves that  combating drought is achievable through proactive problem solving, strong community involvement and co-operation at all levels. The aim of the conference is to increase resilience to drought and reduce risk by advocating an integrated, proactive approach to drought planning, adaptation and management.  

More specifically, the conference seeks to: 

  • present the results from the DriDanube project (innovative drought monitoring tool for Danube region, unified approach for drought impacts collection and drought risk assessment, strategy which will support proactive drought management in the region); 
  • show examples of best practices, sharing knowledge and experiences across the drought community; 
  • encourage better links between political decision-making, recent research and development, financing, and engagement of all key stakeholders.  

More details in the Concept Note.