National Dialogues Youth Voices - Policy Choices 2019

The Youth Voices → Policy Choices 2019 is a continuation of the 2018 initiative  when youth from 13 countries came together and mobilized to prepare messages and raise the youth voices at COP 24

In 2019, GWP Central and Eastern Europe in cooperation with youth from the region will organize intergenerational national dialogues between youth and decision-makers from the water management sphere. This dialogues will be participatory allowing youth and decision-makers to interact, with the purpose to explore together the issues of water governance and youth participation in it. 

Representatives from all national dialogues will attend Budapest Water Summit  to participate in a regional Intergenerational Dialogue there, where they will present the outcomes from the national dialogues.

The national dialogues aim to explore the following topics:

  • Current state of water governance in the country (How is IWRM being implemented in the country? What is the water governance structure in the country? What are the current water challenges in the country?).
  • Participation of youth in the decision-making processes – climate, SDGs, other topics.
  • How can the intergenerational dialogue be improved.

The overall objective of Youth Voices → Policy Choices 2019 is to enhance the capacities of youth in CEE, sensitize decision-makers, and contribute to an informed and effective youth participation in water governance.


12 September - Ljubljana, Slovenia

20 September - Chisinau, Moldova

26 September - Kiyv, Ukraine

26 September - Budapest, Hungary

4 October - Bucharest, Romania

9 October - Sofia, Bulgaria

11 October - Warsaw, Poland

10 November - Riga, Latvia

For more information about the dates and locations: gwpcee@gwpcee.org