New water educational tool tested in three countries

Water Agent 003 project progresses to its final phase – testing a new water educational tool in schools in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.

A significant part of the measures leading to smart water consumption in urban areas can be implemented at household level, and this is where public awareness can make significant changes. The project Water Agent 003 is focusing on educating the youngest generation that will face the threat of global changes in water and climate in the future. Family education through children has proved to be very successful and is targeting also the adult population in the families.

 Water Agent 003 focuses on the interactive education of children in primary schools (aged 10-12). In the frame of the project, complementary activities are being developed aiming to broaden the current environmental curriculum in all three countries by covering new topics of environmental education.


 The "Water Handbook" will be divided into 3 major modules: (i) Water consumption in households/schools; (ii) Water in cities; (iii) Water in the landscape. The modules are designed to address the current and future water management issues (wasting of water, use of rainwater in cities, drought and floods). The modules are based on the principles of learning by playing and experience pedagogy, where children's own experiences play a significant role as well. They include visual elements (use of short videos), indoor and outdoor activities, group work, quizzes, games, experimental water consumption measurement.

 In January, all three countries – the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia are testing the first version of the developed modules. The experts visit primary schools, where in cooperation with the teachers all interactive exercises are being tested. The feedback from teachers and pupils is crucial for the preparation of the final version of the handbook, as it aims to raise the understanding of children in the most efficient way.

Photo 1: Children creating a water filter

Photo 2: Children creating a river basin