Towards a more sustainable use of Danube river in Northwestern Bulgaria

On 28 June, a conference dedicated to the conservation and sustainable use of the Danube River in the Northwest Bulgaria was organized in Vratsa, Bulgaria. The event was jointly organized by Global Water Partnership Bulgaria (GWP Bulgaria) and the Regional Administration of Vratsa.

The conference was attended by governors, municipality mayors, water directors, representatives of the Water Supply and Sewerage Associations, representatives of the municipal councils and employers' organizations, ecologists, and media from four North-western regional administrations (Vratsa, Vidin, Montana and Lovech) of Bulgaria. The main topics of the conference were climate change impacts, land use and water use of the Danube basin water resources. Attention was also paid to natural water treatment systems and good practices related to the treatment of drinking water in Bulgaria.

The Chair of GWP Bulgaria, Dr. Galia Bardarska presented GWP’s experience on Danube-conference-Bulgaria sustainable sanitation and wastewater treatment, as well as climate change impacts on the water resources in Danube region. It was emphasized how important it is to maintain the water resources in the Danube basin, in order to carry out effective wastewater treatment. In addition, the expert made a parallel with the real situation in the country at the moment. During the meeting, good practices have been highlighted, especially the ones that give real results at the moment.

 As a result , a cooperation agreement on IWRM and water innovations implementation in Danube region will be signed between the Vratsa Regional Administration and GWP-Bulgaria.

Article about the conference (in Bulgarian).