EGU 2020 - Call for abstracts

Call for abstracts for the session "THE ENVIRONMENT AND SMART CIRCULAR ECONOMY: A NEW GEO MANAGEMENT APPROACH" to be held during the European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly on 3-8 May 2020 in Vienna, Austria.

Scope of the Session

Over the course of the last years, the Environmental crisis has been persistently deepening. Recent research in the field of Geosciences has been focusing on finding good solutions for making mitigating the crisis. However, the contemporary economy and business, while using the research outcomes of geosciences, lean upon the linear geo management paradigm which has demonstrated a detrimental effect on the Environment. To protect, preserve and restore the Environment, the research in the field of geosciences as well as the economic and business activities should further be done on the base of a new geo management paradigm which implies new approaches to treatment of resources, new technologies, new policies, economic models and business concepts. Green economy, Bio economy, Smart and Circular economy are the recent models that have proven to lead to a more sustainable development. Are they competing or supplementing each other?

What opportunities does the most recent model of smart circular economy bring to Environmental protection? How does it reshape or is going to reshape the entrepreneurial and management mentality? What scientific and business concepts, what technologies and policies may constitute a core of the new paradigm? How do Circular City projects contribute to a new Geo management paradigm shaping by becoming its laboratories?

How to submit an abstract

  1. Read the instructions  EGU2020 - How to submit an abstract
  2. Become a member of the EGU 2020 for being the (first) author of the abstract
  3. In EGU2020 - How to submit an abstract , please, select the Session Program (marked in blue and underlined), click on “Please Select”  dark blue button, then select the Disciplinary Sessions, mark Energy, Resources and the Environment, and in ERE Integrated Studies you will find the ERE 1.4  Session

More information and contact details

The Session welcomes the participation of established scientists and early career scientists as well as practitioners, project managers and executives. It is expected to include the following three dimensions:

  1. Shifts in Conceptual approach to Geo management (new concepts, business models, ideas based on transition from traditional, linear economy to Circular, Smart, Green, ecological one; level of global economy, national and of a city).
  2. Shifts in Technologies for a new geo management approach (new discoveries and technologies in water, air, soil, energy etc. management directed to Circular, Smart, Green, ecological economy of different level).
  3. Implementation of a new approach, technologies, and concepts mentioned above (sharing experience of program and project managers, various stakeholders).

For more questions, please, contact Convener and Co-conveners of the Session, COST17133 members and associates:  

Zorina  Siscan
David Finger
Maja  Dolic
Sabina Bokal
Sergiu Shishkan