Danube Kayak Expedition 2020

To celebrate Danube Day 2020, GWP CEE decided to go on a splashing adventure.

From 19th till 28th of June, GWP CEE launched a social media mini campaign called Danube Kayak Expedition 2020 to celebrate this year’s Danube Day. The 470-km Bulgarian stretch of the Danube River was to be conquered in 9 days, while raising awareness among people on the issues and solutions for the river as well as GWP CEE's role in it. The goal was to finishing on the eve of Danube Day, which the world celebrated on 29th of June.

With Konstantin Ivanov, CEE’s regional coordinator, as a protagonist, the DKE 2020 consisted of a series of vlogs and pictures, documenting his kayak trip down the Bulgarian strip of the Danube. Each day, GWP CEE released a new post, discussing a different topic connected to Danube, ranging from it's historical and cultural background, industrial and environmental condition, all the way to its fauna and flora.

Due to technical and time restrictions, Konstantin’s vlogs were released sporadically, usually with one or two-day delays. The campaign has been further promoted by organizations like ICPDR, EUSDR, GWP, and more. GWP CEE enjoyed this so much that we decided to explore such events further and bring you more action packed experiences, just like this one, in the future.

If you missed any of the videos and pictures from the expedition, here is the complete playlist, along with a gallery of the best moments from the whole event. To follow Konstantin's story on our social media, search for #DanubeKayakExpedition, #DanubeDay, #DiscoverDanube.

To view each video, just hit play and they will start automatically. To select a specific video, click on the top right icon and choose from the list. 

Konstantin in his kayak

Kayak on the beach

Sunset with kayak

Baba Vida castle

Baba Vida castle

Kayak in the shallows


Historical ship

Bulgarian beach

Bulgarian bridge 1

Tutrakan town

Kayak crew