Introducing Brand-new Danube Floodplain Online Course

100% free and accessible to everyone, a new Danube Floodplain Online Course will teach you about aspects of floodplain management, show you examples of floodplain restoration measures, and explain how to apply tools and knowledge developed by the project itself.

Throughout the history, floodplains were the lively part of landscapes where different land management was harmonized with repetitive flooding. With the growing intensification of land use, the floodplains diminished, were drained, settled or even replaced with heavily polluting factories. All that is multiplied by infrastructure to prevent overflooding. The risk of flooding became hazard to loss of property and livesBoth aspects are increasing under the climate change.  

On the other hand, according to the recent management and scientific evidence, bringing river to its natural path of flooding is the best possible solution to tackle multiple water, drought, biodiversity and land managemenrelated challenges of our time.

Danube Floodplain project proves that this is possible, now with brand-new online course. It is designed to explain how a flood mitigation and floodplain restoration are compatible, and how we can manage floodplains to preserve habitats and improve ecosystem services using the cross-cutting management tools developed for the Danube region, and applicable across its boundaries. The course will tackle the historical floodplain loss, current flood risk, and applicable case studies during which we’ll discuss the win-win measures.

The Danube Floodplain Online Course is the first course offered on edX by an EU Interreg project and offers dynamic and engaging lectures that will increase your understanding of floodplain management approaches.

With this course, the project partners want to address junior and mid-level professionals from local, regional or national water authorities and disaster risk reduction area, the SMEs focused on floods, water management sector, and students – the future managers. Everyone, who is willing to develop competences in floodplain management is invited to join.

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What you will learn 

After the course, you will be able to:

  • explain the concept of floodplain management approach

  • understand application of measures for floodplain restoration from multiple perspectives

  • distinguish practical examples where the Danube Floodplain Tools can be applied to support floodplain management


Course logistics and requirements

The course opens by the end of September, 2021. Participants can start and complete the course materials at their own pace, but no later than the end of November 2021.

The course will be linked with the Danube Floodplain Winter Online School (planned for 1st half of November), where participants will deepen their knowledge under the supervision of lecturers.



The content remains accessible for the duration of the course.  Course consists of introductory module and six content modules.  

Danube Floodplain Course Structure

Figure 1. Course structure 


About the Course Partners  

This course was financed by Interreg Danube Transnational Programme and produced by Global Water Partnership Central and Easter Europe.  

The following partners are contributing to the modules with materials:

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