Join us at the 1st Danube Floodplain Webinar "Floodplain under pressure: A natural system to preserve and restore"

The Danube Floodplain project is organizing a "Floodplain under pressure" webinar to bring your attention to this incredibly important and unique ecosystem.

Floodplains are among the most diverse and productive ecosystems on earth. They play an essential role in self-purification of rivers, the groundwater recharge, and as natural habitat for many endangered species. Besides that, floodplains contribute to flood risk reduction by slowing flood discharges and storing water.

Despite their multiple benefits, floodplains are under substantial pressure. 80% of floodplains in the Danube River Basin (ICPDR, 2015) and around 70% of the floodplains along the Danube River (Hein et al., 2016) have been already lost and remnants were widely disconnected. The ongoing urbanization and economic growth put a lot of pressure on the remaining active floodplains.

The Danube Floodplain project identified and evaluated active and potential floodplains along the Danube River to create a basis for preservation and restoration of disconnected floodplains. Now, the project partners are preparing to share the knowledge that has been processed so far to spread the awareness and educate on various aspects of this unique ecosystem.

The first webinar will therefore focus on:

· Showing substantial floodplain losses over the last decades in the Danube region.

· Raising awareness about the importance of the floodplains for flood protection, ecology, etc.

· Presenting methods for floodplain evaluation.


Join the 1st DanubeFloodplain webinar on 28 June and learn about the floodplain losses and get familiar with the importance of the floodplains for flood protection, ecology, and others.


Date: 28 June 2021, 9-11 AM CET Link to the webinar: Zoom


  • Welcome remarks & Introduction (Sabina Bokal, GWP CEE – moderator)
  • Opening presentation: “Floodplains under pressure: a natural system to preserve and restore” (Prof. Helmut Habersack, BOKU)
  • Panel discussion: Sharing knowledge and experiences on flood risk and floodplain management
    • Petra Repnik (Chairwoman of the ICPDR's Hydromorphology Task Group; Slovenian Water Agency)
    • Péter Tóth (Middle Tisza District Water Directorate)
    • Clemens Neuhold (Chair of the ICPDR Flood Protection Expert Group; Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism)
    • TBC (Romanian Water)
  • Facilitated Q&A Discussion
  • Closing remarks by Prof. Helmut Habersack, BOKU