Danube Art Master Competition 2022: Meet the International Winners

Last week marked the end of Danube Art Master 2022 environmental arts competition. Many new and astonishing artworks were submitted, and 8 of them made it all the way to the end.

The Danube Art Master (DAM) competition is an opportunity for the children of the Danube River Basin to consider and discover the health of their local rivers, and a moment to decide how they wish to help preserve these waters for the future. All eligible young artists are encouraged to use material captured, inspired, or borrowed directly from the environment itself in the creation of their artworks, and to look at their local surroundings as a key source of inspiration in the process.

As with the previous year, 2022 announced three categories, art, video and the newest one being map. The art category is still the leader among the three.

Submissions 2022

The Danube Art Master winners are selected by a jury comprised of ICPDR experts the ICPDR's Public Participation Expert Group. The competition is open to all children and schools across the 14 countries that make up the Danube River Basin, including Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine. More than 1300 children from 180 schools participated, submitting 480 artworks including team submissions.

The Danube region's flagship international arts competition for kids and young people received 61 artworks in three different categories in 2022: Art, Video, and Maps.

Now, let us present the DAM 2022 winners of the international round:

Art - Junior

Nature's Painter by Sofia Horoiu from Dimitrie Cantemir Highschool, Iași, District of Iași - Romania

Nature's Painter


Art - Teen

The Beauty of the Danube River by Bozhana Stoycheva, Angel Stoychev from the School of St. Cyril and Methodius - Bulgaria

The beauty of the Danube river


Video - Junior

Danube is a Treasure by Roza Rodin, Tonka Šmit, Nuša Ukić from Primary school “Juraj Šižgorić” - Croatia


Video - Teen

Stop Building Mini HPP by children from Basic school “Aleksa Santic” - Bosnia & Herzegovina


Map - Junior

At the Confluence of the Rivers Danube and Váh by Ella Stredová, Ela Fazekašová, Nina Hegedušová, Nina Vidermanová, Natália Baloghová, and Lucas Prezmeczky from ZŠ Rozmarínova, Komárno - Slovakia

At the confluence of the rivers Danube and Vah


Map - Teen

Let's Explore the Moor, Sail Along the Danube by children from Primary school 23. Oktobar, Sremski Karlovci - Serbia

Let's explore the moor, sail along the Danube


Most Liked Artwork (Facebook Competition)

Lonely Swan by children from Basic school of Aleksa Santic - Bosnia & Herzegovina

Lonely Swan


Most Liked Video (Facebook Competition)

Danube - Water as a priceless gift of nature by Sena Lazarević, Neda Savić, Hristina Milosavljević from Primary school 3. oktobar Bor - Serbia

Danube - Water as a priceless gift.png


Online Ceremony

Danube Art Master 2022 Online Ceremony will be organized at the beginning of 2023. All international winners will be invited to officialy close this year's competition.




Danube Art Master is jointly organized by the ICPDR and the Global Water Partnership Central and Eastern Europe, an ICPDR observer organisation and one of the largest networks focusing on water in the world.