GWP Intern, Bence Bíró, Helped to Shape the Future at the Climate Change Conference of Youth 2022

Bence Bíró, GWP CEE intern and a youth delegate voiced his opinion and represented the region at the Climate Change Conference 2022.

The UN Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY), the largest and longest-running youth event to date, took place right before and on the sideline of the annual UN Climate Change Conference this year in Sharm-el-Seikh, Egypt, from 2 to 4 November. 

During those 3 days, the representatives of the United Nations, UNESCO, World Health Organization, Egyptian Ministries, and young climate activists held skill-building and capacity-building workshops on the topics of climate change, circular economy, climate financing, and youth engagement in 7 rooms, parallelly. Our colleague, Bence Bíró, joined thousands of young change-makers from more than 140 countries and participated in various workshops and simulations on said topics. 

A policy document has been created by the participants of the conference. The Global Youth Statement synthesizes the collective demands of children and youth across the world, represented by YOUNGO, the official children and youth constituency of the UNFCCC, to global leaders to bring about decisive change at COP27. It was formed from a consultation with young people and presented at the 17th UN Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY17). 

FInd out more at the official COY website.