INTERREG project TEACHER-CE in its final stage - PR

Two years of intensive work undertaking joint efforts to increase water management adaptation to climate change in Central Europe is in the final stage.

 TEACHER-CE was approved by the Central Europe Programme (CE) 2014-2020 and co-funded in this sense by the European Union.

The major advantage for TEACHER-CE was the possibility to build its work on previously funded EU-projects (PROLINE-CE, FramWat, RAINMAN, SUSTREE), so that the main results could be efficiently developed based on an existing broad scientific experience. The 12 Project partners coming from 8 countries (Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Poland, Italy, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary) and different fields of expertise – such as water management, forestry, meteorology etc. – have developed an innovative Toolbox.

The toolbox CC-ARP-CE (available at: focuses on adaptation of water management to Climate change in order to mitigate the risk of floods/heavy rain/drought as much as possible, e.g. by small water retention measures or protection of drinking water resources through sustainable landuse management. CC-ARP CE presents a central online platform to support stakeholders in the integrated consideration of different fields of action in water management affected by climate change.

This innovative Toolbox for climate change adaptation and risk prevention has been intensively tested in 9 Pilot actions in different countries. Through these experiences and the direct feedback of the involved stakeholders, some of which are also so-called Associated partners in this project (water suppliers, municipalities, cities, ministries, enterprises, NGOs, environment agencies, national parks) an optimized and tailored instrument could be developed.

In addition, existing policy documents on water management and climate change adaptation in each participating country and at the EU level were evaluated. The Gaps related to the planning process were taken into account when developing the recommendations for integrating the effects of climate change in the planning process of policy documents associated with water management. Based on these results an integrated and joint strategy was developed to promote and stimulate the adoption of this innovative TEACHER-CE Toolbox for efficient use by decision makers in the field of water management planning.

Given the uncertainties of future climate, the ultimate goal will be to maximize the use of the Toolbox to effectively and robustly integrate climate change adaption into sectoral plans like Flood-, River Basin-, Drought Management Plans, as well as regional or local spatial plans.

To learn more about this exciting project TEACHER-CE and its results, please join our Online-Final-Conference on 02.02.2022!

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