Exploring Synergies of DRR Projects in Danube Region

GWP CEE searches for synergies in three disaster risk reduction projects to increase their multi-disciplinary potential.

Anna Smetanova, Project Manager at GWP CEE and leader of work package Transferability and Scalability, presented the HuT project at the final meeting of the DAREnet project. The HuT project integrates innovative disaster risk reduction (DRR) solutions for multi-hazard risks management including flood and drought risks (among others) creating a local-to-international nexus of science and technology, human behaviors as well as governance and policy. 

Solutions coming from partners and 10 demonstrators across Europe, including Danube Basin and Baltic ones are of direct interest for practitioners such as in DAREnetDARENet network connecting interdisciplinary and intersectoral national practitioner networks dedicated to flood response innovation, and therefore solutions in HuT project - such as Danube based Víz 24, or technologies developed by GWP CEE partners can be of interest. 

The HuT nexus encourages cross-fertilization in multi-hazard disaster risk reduction and governance and similarly to Myriad_EU and DARENet, it strives for scaling good practice and cooperation across regions.