GWP CEE Chair to Represent GWP CEE at the UN 2023 Water Conference

GWP CEE Chair, Prof. Dr. Tjaša Griessler Bulc, will attend the first global conference on freshwater in almost 50 Years in New York from 22-24 March 2023.

Starting on 22 March, GWP CEE Chair, Prof. Dr. Tjaša Griessler Bulc, will attend the UN 2023 Water Conference in New York as a as a panellist and lecturer on the topic of Nature-Based Solutions and New Models for Water Action – conflict management (Events - Waterlution, Final UNHQ SIDE EVENTS - UN 2023 Water Conference). The most important topics of the conference are water, health, development, climate change & resilience and cooperation.

As part of the conference, 200 events will take place inside UN HQ and 180 events at the headquarters of member states in New York. All events will be an opportunity for participants to share knowledge and solutions to accelerate implementation of SDG 6 - Water and Sanitation for All, identify new and emerging issues, exchange national and local experiences and practices, and showcase commitments for Water Action Agenda, as the main outcome of the conference.

Dr. Griessler Bulc as a panelist at the Waterlution event

“Focused on the thematic line "Water for Cooperation: Cross-Border and International Water Cooperation, Cross-Sector Cooperation, and Water Through the 2030 Agenda." Waterlution and its partners will bring to the conference some of their multisectoral work around the world. Case studies and shared experiences will guide dialogues that may incite new ways of dealing with water and innovation.”

Collaborative innovation is the essence of Waterlution’s work. In this event, a group of partners will share their experience that reflects not only a solid relationship by dealing with water issues to promote water security, but also are aligned with the principles of preparing young people to solve complex problems for the protection of natural environments. It’ll be an opportunity to collaborate with interactive case studies sharing specific technology, local action, capacity-building and entrepreneurship learnings, expanding the collaborative transboundary potential of these methods.

Water for Cooperation

The essence of this event is transdisciplinary cooperation between global partners, and it is open to all people who see value in this work. In this 75min session hosted by Waterlution, the audience will hear from*:

  • Victor Kinjo USP
  • Telma Rocha AVINA
  • Vanessa Hasson MAPAS
  • Tjaša Griessler Bulc & Raunak Shrestha GWP
  • Michael Korpac CEWAS
  • Lesha Witmer WfWP

Information about the Waterlution event

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Event date and time: Wednesday 22 March, 14:00 - 15:15

Event Location: Permanent Mission of Canada to the United Nations, 466 Lexington Ave, 20th floor, New York, NY 10017.


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