The Sava Youth Parliament Expanded Their Knowledge on Nature-Based Solutions

The “Let’s work with nature!” webinar was attended by high school students from four Sava basin countries.

11th Sava Youth Parliament was held in September in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The webinar was attended by high school students from four Sava basin countries, who were selected in a competition on the theme “Let’s work with nature!”. The topic referred to the use of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS), in the field of water management. This year’s parliament was organized in cooperation between the International Commission for the Sava Basin, Global Water Partnership Central and Eastern Europe and the University of Belgrade.

I would like to emphasize the importance of the Sava Youth Parliament, as the first body of its kind at the European level, for the activities of the Sava Commission. I recall the topics discussed by young people at previous meetings and emphasize that their voice is important, because everything that is done affects future generations. I hope that the newly elected President would have the opportunity to address the messages of this year’s Parliament to the participants of the 12th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region, hosted by the Republic of Slovenia." - Dragan Zeljko, member of the International Sava River Basin Commission.

GWP Slovenia contributed to the webinars on NBS to all youth participants in March, it supported the Sava Commission in evaluation of the contributions, and in September, GWP Slovenia organized a field trip of NBS locations around Ljubljana. On the 2nd day, a presentation on NBS was held and 4 workshops portraying different aspects of NBS implementation took place. 

A brochure on the field trip and NBS presentation was elaborated and distributed for the occasion as well.

The Sava Commission is an international river basin management body for establishment of aregime of navigation on the Sava River, sustainable water management and undertaking of measures to prevent or limit hazards. It also organizes youth activities in regular participation of GWP CEE, particularly GWP Slovenia.