Summer school 2024: Drive for change

GWP CEE Fundraising Bootcamp

GWP CEE Fundraising Bootcamp co-organized together with EU Strategy for the Danube Region Priority Area 4 (Water Quality)  and GWP Slovakia will open its online doors to the next generation of young water professionals from 15-19 July. It aims to explore how to fundraise to mobilise resources for developing projects for advancing Sustainable Water Management. As part of this initiative, a Fundraising Assembly will be held as a live event in Bratislava on 5-6 September.

The application process for the Summer School 2024 is now open to young specialists with background in water management and related programmes and all those interested in enhancing water security through international cooperation in the CEE region.  

Building on the vast experience in international resource mobilisation, the Summer School will enhance students’ knowledge, skills, and competencies to fundraise for youth-driven projects.

Responding to regional challenges

The active participation of young people in shaping a water-secure and resilient society, ready to tackle the challenges of climate change-induced hazards, remains a priority across the Danube Region. However, there's a noticeable gap in youth engagement, whether it's in raising awareness about critical issues, fostering interest in water-related education, or pursuing careers in this field. This deficit is evident at both national and transnational levels, prompting various institutions to develop initiatives aimed at bridging this gap.

In response to this challenge, efforts are underway to enhance youth involvement, foster dialogue with governance structures, and build capacities and networks. National and regional water strategies underscore the importance of transforming education and employment sectors to meet the demands of the future. We invite young people to join us in this crucial endeavour to create a more water-resilient future for all–


Dates and location

The Summer School will take place online and will consist of an intense training (15-19 July 2024) and approximately three months supervision phase leading to the submmision of a project proposal.

During this supervision phase an exciting in-person meeting of Fundraising Assembley  is set to take place in the heart of Bratislava from September 5th to 6th, 2024!


Scope and objectives

The main objective of the Summer School is to enhance the capacity of the youth professionals to apply in competitive calls in our region. The programme will focus on developing fundraising capacity, facilitating the exchange of experiences on fundraising, fostering international teamwork capacities and developing ideas for fundraising activities.

The participants will be part of an exciting program enriched with practical sessions and first-hand knowledge:

  • Tackling Challenges through fundraising
  • Stakeholders, Partners and Logical Framework
  • Project cycle, activities, budgets
  • Finalizing Project Concept

After the training 3-months of supervised group work will follow until the submission of the proposal. 

In-person Fundraising Assembly is focused on transferring youth experience to governance, featuring experts, fundraising professionals, and donor representatives. Students will receive valuable feedback on their ideas and projects. With the support of our fundraising experts, you'll have the opportunity to enhance your projects through dynamic, live discussions. 

By the end of the Summer School, each participant will have a better understanding of fundraising process and be able to apply the knowledge into practice..

Throughout the program, the selected participants will receive guidance from lecturers, supporting them during their journey and providing constructive feedback.



Fees and eligibility

The Summer School is open to participants studying a master's degree or higher and to working professionals with those backgrounds. Participants with water or environmental management background and those who show an interest in enhancing water resource management and broader aspects of water security are also welcome. Young water professionals residing in Central and Eastern Europe, The Balkans, Central Asia and Caucasus are eligible to apply. Applicants must communicate fluently in English in spoken and written form. Participation is free of charge.

How to apply

Interested candidates must submit a completed application form by clicking HERE.

Furthermore they must submit CV in English, and a Letter of intent. Those documents to be submitted to with the subject being: Summer School 2024 [First Name, Last Name].

The Letter of intent states the support of an organisation to applicant. It should be signed and submitted on the official letterhead of the organisation supporting the participant in proposal writing. The template can be found here HERE.

 For more information, contact Please, use the phrase Summer School 2024 in the subject of the email for all your inquiries.


The deadline for submitting your application is 21 June 2024.